Week 7

June 11, 2019

I had my daughter, Jennifer, and her husband, Jason, come for dinner last night. We joked about Jennifer baking a cake to bring, and the distance they had to come to arrive on time for supper. Only 14 ft. of hallway separate us from the main house where Jen & Jason live. I prepared a garden salad, garlic bread, barbequed chicken, string beans almondine and rice pilaf. I made a blueberry pie for dessert and Jen’s cake was chocolate with white frosting. We all had a good time and it occurred to me that this was a great way to bring everyone together from time to time. This is definitely one of the pros, and so far this week the cons seem to be dwindling. I am waking up feeling so much better than I did in the first month we moved into the in-law apartment. I am going to make this short because I am off to the gym this morning. The doctor informed me that my bone density test showed osteopenia and suggested weight bearing exercises. I have been lifting weights for years, although with the move and being busy with setting up the apartment, I have been very negligent when it comes to the gym, but not today.

One more thing. Jason just told Jennifer to come and get me to see the huge snapping turtle in the backyard. Now that was a treat. Living in the country does have an upside. The woods are full of deer and almost everyday I catch sightings of these beautiful creatures. The news has advised us to keep our bird feeders empty because the bear sightings have increased in R.I this year. So far this year bears have been seen in West Warwick, Cranston, Johnston and other well-populated areas. I do not want a bear coming that close to my back door as that is where the bird feeder is situated. One can only imagine how frightening it would be to encounter one of those furry creatures, although it might be fun to spot one from a distance! Okay, it’s off to the gym.


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