Still Week 6

June 1, 2019

In my last blog I mentioned a few pros and cons, and stated that I would elaborate more on both in future blogs. Truth be told, the list is not finished, and each day presents itself with new challenges. One drawback for sure is the lack of space. I am still trying to figure out which of the two geniuses next door decided a bathroom is finished without a linen closet, medicine cabinet or tub. Okay, I can live without the tub, but the towels have already invaded two drawers in my bureau and the medications have taken refuge in two of my kitchen cupboards The pro is that we contacted a house remodeling company to repair these offenses.

I keep telling myself that I will adjust, but then my husband comes home tonight with a roaring cold. Normally for the first few days until the cold is less contagious, I could escape to a guest bedroom. Big con, there are NO guest bedrooms here. I am wondering if Jen & Jay would mind a house guest just for tonight??? Nah, bad idea.


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