Week 6

May 31, 2019

Change can be very disconcerting to many people, I personally have a problem with it for as far back as I can remember. The pros surely outweigh the cons living in a mother-in-law apartment, but one of the most significant is the money we are savings without the overhead of our own home. Let me stop here and mention one of the cons, which is not owning your own home. I am wondering if it is pride speaking, or the fact that for 42 years I did not have to ask permission to make any changes to my home. Jennifer, my daughter, and her husband, Jason, are wonderful when it comes to what we want to do in the in-law apt., so I guess it is the small matter of having to ask if they would mind. Another plus for living in 700 sq. ft. of space is the ease of cleaning. Now that may seem like a small matter to most, but I have always hated house cleaning, but here I am finished in no time!!! There are many more pros, and a few more cons which I will cover in my next blog. Just one more pro for now, and again this may seem of no importance to some, but I have a hummingbird no more than 4 feet away from my kitchen window which has provided me the opportunity to view these adorable little birds with close proximity. I never get tired of watching them as they draw nectar from the feeder with their wings going a mile a minute. Maybe I should join a bird watching group, but right now I have a few more boxes to unpack. Yes, it has been over a month and I am still unpacking. After all, it did take us 42 years to accumulate all this stuff!!!


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