Week 4

May 14, 2019

I regret that I did not have the opportunity to start this blog on April 16th of this year, the day John and I first moved from our home of 42 years to the mother-in-law apartment. I had all the boxes I packed from our former home labeled with the contents and the room I took them from. John, on the other hand, had all the contents of the shed, garage and cellar, piled in a big heap in back of his pick-up. He had not used most of the things he brought in the past ten years. I suggested to John that we play a game called, “If You Haven’t Used it in Two Years”. The only rule to this game was to repond truthfully when asked if you have used this object in the last two years, and if you have not, it goes bye bye. John did not want to play this game. It took me 43 years of marriage to learn that I married a hoarder. All the boxes, along with John’s treasures, have overwhelmed me, but I took this advice of my brother, John, who had downsized several years ago, and that was to take one or two boxes a day to empty. My brother has to be one of the best organizers I know, parralled only by Jennifer, so I have taken his advice. I know Jennifer would be happy to help if she had not scheduled her foot surgery a week before we moved. Mmmmmm, pretty good planning on her part. I am still at a loss as to what to do with the junkyard John has created in a large part of the basement, but if he will not play the game, it’s just going to have to be played without him. Although it would be just my luck to give something away and have him look for it immediately after it is gone.

I am going to close now, but again I would like to say that any and all feedback you can provide as to your experience with moving to an in-law apt. would be appreciated.


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